How did I become the owner of a successful Social Media Agency at the age of 22?

After working in marketing for 6 years, I felt my potential was limited and I couldn’t express my creativity, I began a hunt for the job or industry to reignite my excitement to work and learn, and discovered the world of social media management.

In a bid to follow my dreams, I drafted a pitch email and contacted local businesses near me that didn’t have a strong presence on social media.

Since then I have:

Expanded my team and moved into our very own office!

Worked with over 150 business from all around the world, helping them to reach MILLIONS of new accounts.

Grew my agencies instagram page to over 14,000, creating a community to inform and inspire young people to achieve their career dreams as well as sharing my own social media tips.

Had our clients featured in the likes of Forbes, British Vogue, Lad Bible, Manchester Evening News, Vanity Fair, Manchester’s Finest and more.

Worked with Netflix to help promote the new series of Emily in Paris.

And now I’m running my team, helping our clients get unimaginable results and creating scroll stopping content.

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