Since starting in 2022, our agency has grown rapidly and shows no signs of slowing down.

We offer an imaginative and collaborative approach to navigating the social media landscape.

We’re passionate about teaming up with brands who, like us, believe in building long-term loyalty vs short-lived buzz.

Here are just a handful of brands we’ve worked with from around the world.

Buchanan Family

Lucy Buchanan, a Scottish lifestyle influencer, collaborated with SociallyZee to enhance her Instagram presence and content quality. Amidst the competitive influencer landscape, Lucy aspired to engage a broader audience and cultivate her distinct personal brand. Through an in-depth analysis, we developed a tailored content strategy, emphasizing her Scottish lifestyle, fashion choices, and authentic storytelling. Our creative team produced captivating content with a cohesive visual theme, bolstering Lucy’s online identity.
This approach resulted in an impressive 40% increase in Instagram followers and a 35% rise in engagement rates. Lucy’s brand representation strengthened, solidifying her position as a credible and relatable influencer in Scotland. Positive audience feedback and new opportunities further underscored the success of our collaboration.

Laylas Light

Laylas Light is an online art business owned by Jhoanne, an artist specializing in High Vibe Abstract Art and Healing Transmission. We decide to make the objective was to create engaging Reels to increase brand awareness, showcase Jhoanne’s art and journey, incorporate storytelling and art trends, and provide valuable art.
By curating captivating content, filming art creation processes and personal stories, and leveraging popular art challenges, Laylas Light Reels saw a 350% growth in engangement, a substantial increase in brand recognition and established the brand as a go-to resource for art enthusiasts seeking healing through art. The Reels successfully spread positivity, inspiration, and healing while elevating Jhoanne’s art to a broader audience.


Ruhmee is an Australian children’s fashion brand, sought our expertise to enhance their online presence and engagement on Instagram and Facebook. Facing the challenge of standing out in a competitive market, we meticulously curated content that maintained a consistent, aesthetically pleasing, and clean image. Through strategic content ideation, regular posting, and community engagement, we achieved remarkable results.
In just three months, Ruhmee Kids Fashion saw a 60% increase in followers, a 40% boost in engagement rates, and a 25% growth in online sales. Our collaborative efforts have not only elevated their brand visibility but have also solidified their position as a prominent player in the children’s fashion industry, resonating with their audience through captivating visuals and compelling storytelling.

Cheeky Monkeys Restaurant & Bar

Cheeky Monkeys Restaurant and Bar is a family-friendly establishment that caters to parents and their children, providing a welcoming and enjoyable dining experience.

Utilizing Facebook and Instagram, engaging content, including photos and videos of families enjoying their time at the restaurant, was shared to attract parents. User-generated content from mum community, special promotions, and collaborations with local parenting influencers were employed to boost engagement and attract more foot traffic. Prompt customer engagement responses further fostered a positive online reputation.
Cheeky Monkeys experienced increased online presence, higher foot traffic, and positive customer feedback, solidifying its position as a popular family-friendly dining destination.

Oxfitnesslab Doha : Pro Package

OxFitnessLab Doha, a prominent fitness center in Doha, Qatar, turned to SociallyZee with the aim of bolstering their Instagram presence. Facing the challenge of standing out in the competitive fitness industry, we devised a tailored content strategy that highlighted their fitness programs, motivated their audience, and established them as fitness authorities.
Over just a few months, OxFitnessLab Doha witnessed a remarkable 50% increase in Instagram followers and a 45% surge in engagement rates, solidifying their position as a prominent presence in Doha’s fitness scene. Our content approach not only increased brand visibility but also positioned OxFitnessLab Doha as a trusted source of fitness knowledge and motivation, contributing to their overall success in the fitness and wellness industry.

Marv Bali

Marv Bali is a distinguished real estate and property development firm based in Bali, Indonesia, partnered with SociallyZee to enhance their Instagram presence. Through a tailored content strategy focusing on showcasing luxurious properties and architectural excellence.
Marv Bali Development experienced an impressive 60% increase in Instagram followers within the first quarter of collaboration. Engagement rates surged by 50%, underscoring the effectiveness of the content approach. The visually striking content not only elevated brand visibility but also solidified Marv Bali Development’s position as a trusted and authoritative entity in Bali’s competitive real estate market, marking a significant milestone in their digital presence and industry standing.
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